Captain's Euro Fresh-weather pack

Captain James Cork


Avast! That option is currently sold out

This European hit list of fresh-weather white and rose varietals will bring you through Autumn to Spring and keep you rolling into Summer. Think of this as your go-to pack for any occasion. Whether it be 5 o'clock drinks at a friend's, a spontaneous winter BBQ, or the ultimate gift to a friend who loves Euro wine of quality. Pair this with the powerhouse that is the Explorer Pinot Pack.

Mengoba Brezo Rosado, Clementine Coeur Cotes de Provence Ros̩e, Landron Brut Atmospheres NV, Muller-Catoir Gutswein Trocken, Babo Pinot Grigio, and Massolino Moscato d'Asti make the ultimate Euro pack of Ros̩e and whites to bring you rolling into Fresh Weather.

Fresh Weather sampler pack with the newest and most interesting wines to land our shores.

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